Course Expectations

Event Information

This swim is NOT for beginner swimmers. An open water pace of 2:20 per 100 meters is required to make the 1.5 hours cut-off time.  Water temp at the time of the swim should be between 57-60 degrees.  Wave starts may be implemented based on number of entries.  Swimmers will swim South across Dalco Passage Swimming with the currents at the beginning of the race and will most likely encounter a push back going against the current in the back half of the crossing.  The current at the beginning of the race will have a pull towards Gig Harbor, therefore swimmers should aim more towards the ferry landing on the Pt. Defiance side.  After slack tide is over and the tide begins its way out then you will need to site to Owen Beach.  Once you can see the yellow arch on the beach at Owen Beach, angle your finish there. Get out at the finish area and be sure your registration number is recorded with the finish line officials.

There will be plenty of kayak and boat support along with the Coast Guard lining the course to ensure everyone's safety.

At the finish you will exit and go thru a large yellow arch.  There will be outdoor carpeting in the water and up onto the beach for aid in exiting the water.