Swim Defiance mandatory safety meeting will be held at  am the day of the race.

Lifeguards and safety boats will monitor the entire course. All participants MUST attend the safety meeting. Body marking required on hands. Competitors must wear color-coded race caps, safety buoy, and wetsuit during the entire race. The host will provide the color-coded race caps. 

Swim safety buoys are required for this race. 

Brightly colored race provided caps are required to be worn during the entire water portion of the event.

Neoprene wetsuits are required, unless swimmer has pre-approval from the safety / race director. Download the Non-Wetsuit Cold Water Swim Application and email a completed copy to Katy Smith, Race director, a minimum of 1 week ahead of the event. 

SaferSwimmer Buoy Information

If you do not have a SaferSwimmer or equivalant buoy, here are a couple options for purchasing one:

  • Swim Safety buoys are available, for purchase, during registration for $46.00
  • Northwest Tri and Bike Shop
    15423 SE 272nd Street, Suite 107
    Kent, WA 98042
    * Mention you are registered for the Swim Defiance for special pricing
  • Search online for a LARGE 'SaferSwimmer' buoy
  • sells Safer Swimmer Buoys. Check out our recommended items for Swim Defiance swimmers.

    Buy your Safer Swimmer at Swim Outlet
Images of safety buoys
Image credit: International Swimming Hall of Fame